Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Here is a little insta-diary of what I've been up to lately. For more day-to-day photos you can follow me on instagram (@sevanm) or keep up with some of them via twitter and facebook.

 Around Melbourne: As you may know by now I have a love affair with architecture, both new and old.
1. Fountain infront of Royal Exhibition Building, 2. Royal Exhibition Building, 3. St Patrick's Cathedral.
Pretty bites: I have been eating a lot of macarons and other tasty delights. Should start cutting back now that the stress of uni is finally over.
1. Breakfast cappucino and crepes at Morris Jones, 2. La belle Miette box of six, 3. macarons and coffee at San Churro.

Winter can be stylish: I've been obsessed with buying new nailpolish everytime I see some on sale. Also, even though it's been raining quite a bit lately I've only worn my Jefferey Campbell gum boots once!
1. Rimmel pastel tones, 2. JC gum boots and my favourite Mango umbrella, 3. Latest Revlon nailpolish purchases.

Blogger-lovin: Always love meeting up with my lovely blogger friends at events.
1. At trapped in a zoo party with Anastasia, 2. Nicole taking a photo of Twee at the Wish blogger preview, 3. Trying on some Wish clothing with Twee.