About Me

Sevan Manjikian, originally Armenian, born and raised in Dubai, and currently living in Melbourne, Australia.

I recently completed my Masters in Interior Design. I love architecture, traveling, fashion, photography and graphic design; all of which are shared on this blog. 

I started this blog as an outlet for creativity, to share my inspirations and latest obsessions be it fashion, photography, or design, to share my travel journeys and latest purchases.

The name Seven Autumn Leaves came from my name (Sevan, obviously) and the fact that this blog will cover many topics, like autumn scattering leaves.

I also combine my love for fashion and architecture by designing and selling lasercut jewellery pieces on the Seven Autumn Leaves online store: http://www.sevenautumnleaves.com/

7 Random Facts about me:

I hosted a radio show at university.
I speak 5 languages, 3 of them fluently.
I love buying heels but I don't enjoy wearing them.
I have overflowing wardrobes in 3 different countries.
I'm a night owl so I'm way more productive at night.
My name is not pronounced '7' but sevAn.
I can't wink or whistle.