Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Fashionopolis 2012

Your Blog, Your Brand; one of the key points covered at Nuffnang’s Fashionopolis first ever fashion blogging conference hosted by Lady Melbourne herself, Phoebe Montague.
To establish your blog as a brand, Phoebe explained how important it is to keep your audience coming back by posting great photos, checking your spelling and grammar, and uploading content consistently.
We received some great advice from experienced panels from many aspects of the fashion industry like Patty Huntington, Sarah Gale, Jenny Bannister, Philip Boon, Kyra Pybus, David Krupp, and Amber Venz.   
As I mentioned briefly in the earlier post, not only was it a great educational experience but also a great way to meet so many amazingly stylish and talented fellow bloggers in person.

The idea of putting 150 fabulous fashion bloggers under one roof, including some established bloggers, some new comers and some aspiring bloggers, is absolutely genius. The gorgeously decorated venue was overwhelmed with stylish garments, stunning shoes, and beautiful ladies.

Overall, I think the event was a smashing success and I’d like to thank Lady Melbourne, Nuffnang, and everyone who worked on making this a great experience for all of us. 

 The gorgeous host Lady Melbourne
Sitting next to the two gorgeous ladies Michelle Michelle's Style Files and Monica from Le world chic.
It was so nice to finally meet Michelle in person, she is absolutely lovely! And I'm VERY happy I convinced Monica to come to the event and got the chance to see her again before she went back to the US.
It was great seeing my lovely friend Leeyong from Style Wilderness; How gorgeous does she look?! Love her op shop treasure finds and her jewellery that she made herself.
It was truly great meeting Delia in person, the founder of whatshouldiwear.com.au where I enjoy occasionally writing in her blog section. Along with the adorable Little Jimmy's Girl who is also a part of the lovely WSIW community.
Really enjoyed talking to Cecylia from cecylia.com and finally meeting her in person, she looked absolutely stunning!
I was so happy to meet the STUNNING Dasha from The Trend Spotter who rocked her RMK shoes, which I had been lusting over ever since I saw it on their fb page a few weeks prior. And we were probably the two tallest ladies in the room!
So glad I finally met my twitter buddy Nicole from Blank Bird who looked adorable with her signature printed pants. As well as Sam from Style Paws in her cute polka-dot blouse and Charmaine from Heart+Bleecker who flew in from Perth looking ever so lovely.
My vibrant and beautiful friend Miranda from Miranda's Inside Scoop who you've seen before on this blog. Attendees were constantly asking to take photos of her funky hairstyle, can you blame them?
It was great catching up with my friend Diya and spending some more time with my new friends Nicole and Jihee at the afterparty at Carlton Club Hotel. Loved talking to one of the speakers at the conference Kyra from Pybus PR and sharing experiences we've had in Dubai.

I couldn't possibly fit all the photos I wanted to post, so you can view them here on my fb page