Saturday, 19 May 2012

10 things I learned at Fashionopolis

If you’ve seen Fashionopolis related posts all over the blogosphere, I’m about to add one more to it!
One of my readers suggested I include what I learned at this conference since many fashion bloggers couldn’t attend it.  Truth is there’s so much I learned and so much I already knew but was assured on the day.
So here are some key points I think will be useful for any of you bloggers out there.

Ten things I learned at fashionopolis:

1.     Different means of social media, like twitter, facebook, pinterest and tumblr, play different roles, so don’t neglect any or treat them all in the same manner.

2.     Your blog is your brand; make sure you are on all social media platforms promoting it (without spamming of course!)

3.     How you act on social media is very important; stay positive and don’t swear, use foul language or attack others.

4.     Readers are most likely to watch your videos rather than read your posts, so try to diversify and venture into new creative ways to reach your audience.

5.     Imagery is currency; you have to get your readers’ attention by posting beautiful, great quality photographs. Avoid mirror shots and ugly/cluttered backgrounds that will distract from the main subject.

6.     Always showcase original content on your blog. Your readers can go to many other blogs and websites for editorial photos and press. Make sure you bring something new to the table.

7.     Update your blog consistently with new content so your readers keep coming back. 

8.     Always have a business card on you with your blog URL and e-mail so you give them out when needed.

9.     Check your spelling and grammar, readers always pick up on mistakes and it makes you look less professional. 

10. Never plagiarise; make sure you always credit and mention the original source. 
I included some photos from Nuffnang’s fb album which I loved!
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