Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Paris travel diary: Chateau de Versailles

This is quickly becoming a travel blog but my blog from the start was about my many interests which is why I called it Seven Autumn Leaves, and traveling is a big part of me (well when I have the chance to anyways)

I only had 2 days to discover Paris, a city I had been dreaming of visiting one day from when I was a little girl studying French in school for so many years. Now my French isn’t so great, it wasn’t fluent to start with and it’s been years since I’ve finished school but I knew enough to get me by. I definitely advise learning a few key sentences and words that would be helpful for you, especially if you go to areas that are not very tourist-y. This applies to other non-english speaking cities as well. Also learn how the metro map works as quick as you can; have a print out of the metro lines, start mapping out where you want to go and try to work out how to get from points A to B to C.

I arrived Paris in the morning and went to Chateau de Versailles after dropping off my bag. I have never been anywhere so beautiful! Because I was really tired though I went through the rooms quickly, well as quick as all the tour people let me since they were so many of them slowing you down. I still managed to see most of it though and took a few snaps to show you all.

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