Saturday, 20 April 2013

MBFW outfit 2

The timeout magazine from my hotel room in the last picture sums up my short 2-day trip perfectly; it was an escape. I've been feeling so overwhelmed with submissions and presentations every week that I haven't had time for anything else and it's made me forget why I even decided to do my masters in the first place! This was a great 2-day vacation from everything back here in Melbourne and I just wish I could have come for the entire week. 

I decided to take a more laid back approach for my second outfit pairing it up ofcourse with my own Seven Autumn Leaves necklace. I also got a chance to wear my DIY feather skirt for the second time. 

I didn't get a lot of photos that day so I decided to borrow some off who took street style photos of me; so only the first and last two photos are my own. 

Necklace: Seven Autumn Leaves / Skirt: DIY / Shoes: Zara / Blazer and Shirt: old / Clutch: vintage / 
Sunnies: Prada / Watch: River Island / Ring: Diva