Friday, 30 December 2011

NYE bag essentials

It's NYE in less than 2 days so the countdown has begun!
Here is a guide to your survival kit for NYE:

1. Clutch that matches your dress and shoes (mine's from equip)
2. Lipstick and lip balm for retouches (mine's Loreal red lipstick that I use over my christian dior nude lipstick)
3. Eyeliner tends to smudge or disappear so you need to reapply after a while (mine's Christian dior, I use chanel liquid eye-liner as well but that does not need re-application because it'll last long)
4. Blush, it's winter afterall so we're not at our tannest unfortunately and a re-application of blush during the night will go a long way especially in pictures! (mine's from mac)
5. Perfume is also a necessity after all the dancing (mine's a small bvlgari bottle)
6. Hair Tie, the same reason as above! you might need it at the end of the night when you're feeling way too hot and just need to get your hair out of the way! bobby pins are also a good idea.
7. Security essentials, you need to have your keys, ID and money (or credit card) on you and since you don't have much space in your clutch you don't really need your wallet if you have these.
8. BAND-AID! I can't stress this enough and you will thanks me at the end of the night when your gorgeous new shoes give you blisters and you can barely walk let alone dance in them.
and last but not least,
9. Camera and Phone to snap pictures of your memorable night!

Hope everyone has a wonderful new years eve and wish you all a great year to come! xxx

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