Thursday, 24 November 2011

Style Inspiration: Lucy Chadwick.

I have finally survived yet another final submissions and now have almost 4 months until the craziness of a new semester commences. I have been spending most of my free time in bed catching up on my tv shows that I didn’t have time to watch when I had my projects and assignments. And let me tell you, it feels amazing to kick back and relax with enticing tv and a cup of hot chocolate not having to worry about waking up early and going to class! 

Anyyywaysss so lately because I had so much on my plate, ive been feeling very uninspired when it came to clothing and I would feel it every morning when id put on anything I could find in my closet and rush to class so now that I have some peace and quiet I thought where else to get my mojo and inspiration back but my dear old friend, the internet!

Meet Lucy Chadwick, a British designer and a contemporary art gallery owner living in NYC. She is truly inspiring, I love her personal style be it clothing or her home interiors, she is so down to earth, natural and absolutely incredible. 

This was a film by selby for ZARA and it is a must see! 
Love her clothes, Love her houses, Love her job. Love her.

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