Sunday, 17 August 2014

Fashion tips: closet maintenance and shopping for basics and tops online

When it comes to shopping, there are many factors to consider so your closet reflects your style and contains a well-balanced mix of everyday easy-to-style basics.

1. Revamp and re-edit your closet

It’s important to re-assess your closet every now and then and make sure that it contains all the essentials, and that the non-essentials are not taking over most of the space in there; that way you know what you need to shop for, what you need to throw out and what you need to wear more often. A good rule of thumb might be to examine your wardrobe twice a year, once at the start of winter and once at the start of summer. You may store some of the items that you don’t need in those following few months, or even just allocate them to the back of your closet so the items you need are more easily accessible.  

2. Stock up on essential basics

The closet essentials are mostly the basic pieces that are easy to wear and style with almost anything in your wardrobe, and therefore can be quickly worn if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time. Most of the time that applies to when you have to get ready for work in the mornings with a limited amount of time you can afford to spend styling an outfit. The trick in this case is to get the top right so whatever you pair it with will easily compliment it, wether it’s a pair of pants or skirts and a nice blazer.

3. Know your body

It is important to note that you need to know what shapes and colours best suit and complement you. But most of the time no one can go wrong with black or white basics for a neutral yet sophisticated result. That said, its always great to introduce a pop of colour or pattern through your tops and leave everything else neutral and subtle.

4. Be true to your own personal style

Even though we are surrounded by influences and inspirations from magazines, TV, blogs and social media platforms, there’s still room to rock your own take on things. It’s all about how you put items together and how consistent and confident you are with your style. 

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