Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Faces of Caulfield

This Saturday, we had the pleasure of covering the selection of this year's Face of Caulfield’s 6 finalists at Chadstone - the fashion capital. On arrival, we were instantly transformed into the spring racing festival mindset with the gorgeous flowers and bright yellow stage in front of David Jones.
Hosted by the gorgeous former miss universe contestant Jesinta Campbell with the help of the beautiful Brie Laughlin who were both dressed in Calvin Klein and styled by Philip Boon.
The judging panel consisted of Fiona Twist, Effie Young, Emily Powell and Richard Nylon, who showcased some of his favourite millenary pieces for this season and gave the audience some valuable advice.
Chadstone shoppers were in for a treat, listening to style tips and advice from the judges and stylish contestants.
The judges had an extremely hard task judging the competition based on style and personality but eventually 3 handsome men were picked out of the final 10 and 3 beautiful ladies from the top 20.
All 30 finalists received a generous gift bag from Chadstone and sponsors. Most of the winners were dressed in labels offered at Chadstone like Witchery, Country Road, Nine West.
Men’s finalists Mathew Cohen, Evan Spargo, and Stefan Liberto. 
Women’s finalists Kate Hopkins, Hetty Kate, and Kelly Bannister.
It was also great meeting some of my lovely fellow Chadstone bloggers Lisa Hamilton (See Want Shop), Taela Jade (tlajde and lolandeve), Hayley Mehmet (Kalina's Rainbow), and Kate Sorenson (Sorenson Dash)
You can click here to find out more about upcoming events and store locations at Chadstone Shopping Centre - The Fashion Capital. 
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