Monday, 29 August 2011

VMA's red carpet recap

Alright so I wasn't actually able to watch the VMAs because they don't show American award shows live on Australian tv but I dug up photos of what celebs were wearing and wanted to comment on how much I loved (and HATED) some of them

First up is miss Selena Gomez
This dress is STUNNING i love the detail on the neckline; very gothic chic

What?... these are one of the outfits where you can't help but say "what was she thinking?!"  (she being Skyler Grey btw) and the outfit is one thing, but also her make-up just makes her simply look like a clown
Yes the truth can be harsh at times, Sky.

UK's 'X factor' judge Kelly Rowland looked amazing in this black and gold mini skirt

Jersey Shore cast looking trashy as ever... need i say more?

And last but definitely not least, the beautiful glowing mom-to-be Mrs Beyonce Knowles
wearing this gorgeous orange long gown and showing off her baby tummy ever so proudly 
(I love that green ring too!)