Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Time to rate: teen choice awards 2011 dresses

okay so I went back to uni this week and it's a bit of a drag after almost 2 months off 
but i watched the teen choice awards to remind me of simpler times when I used to finish my hw quickly after school before they aired the teen choice awards

The Kardashians (yes I'm including Kendall and Kylie Jenner too) started off the award show and looked stunning (and yes, I'm also a big Kardashians fan) 
the first thought i had though was: WHOA! i didn't even recognise Kendall she looks like a supermodel

I loved Kourtney's blue dress, I saw the same one in black at a store in Melbourne and someone was trying it on for her sister's also has a strap that goes around the waist so makes it looks different ...and it looked really good 

onto my ratings of the dresses worn by some of the guests:

                    3.5                                           5                                          8.5                                       7                                      6

There you go peeps
feel free to agree or disagree!