Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Travel diary: Armenia summer 2013

I'm all packed and ready for my flight to Armenia in a few hours and I'm really excited to visit the motherland in winter since I've never experienced it then. Actually, I've never experienced anywhere that snows in winter which means that, yes, I'm a 23 year old who's never seen snow!

I was only there back in august right after I went to Europe but because I got so busy when I got back I didn't have a chance to post up travel photos of my trip there. I'm really excited to show you all my motherland since most people's knowledge of the country pretty much only consists of Kim Kardashian. So in this post I'll show you a few photos of Armenia in summer and then when I get back I'll show you Armenia in winter.

In these photos you'll see that it's a beautiful country that is very famous for it's history and it's many churches since it was the first nation to accept christianity. It's also famous for its brandy; we visited one of their factorys while we were there and had a tasting after the tour.


Dress: H&M / Leggings: Warehouse / Shoes: Toms / Sunnies: Prada / Necklace: Seven Autumn Leaves