Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Maling Road

Maling Road is a little strip of treasure just outside Canterbury station. To be honest, in the last four years that I’ve lived here I hadn’t even heard of it! But now that I have I can’t wait for my uni submissions to be over in the next few weeks so I can go back with my girlfriends, have some coffee and spend the afternoon exploring it further.

Kyra from Pybus PR had organized such a lovely day for us lucky bloggers. We met up at Theatre Place and got to meet some of the local store owners and hear a brief explanation of its history. One of the really interesting stories was about the new addition to the area, the Alley Cat café, who had saved some of its old charm by adding a bicycle as part of their décor that was exactly like the one the old owner used to park in front of the shop. 

When we split up into groups to venture on our own and discover the area, I went to the Alley Cat to have some lunch with the Estelle La Mode girls Rachel and Esther, who was wearing one of my Seven Autumn Leaves necklaces! We were in for a treat as we all enjoyed what we had ordered after finding it difficult to decide on what to get since everything looked so good.  

Just across from the café, we went into PerfectPieces Jewellery, looked around and enjoyed the variety the store had to offer. The owner told us about her story and how she fell in love with this place when she moved to Melbourne. She also showed us around the store and told us how important it was for her to support new Australian designers. 

While we were walking down the strip, the girls from Estelle la Mode said it reminded them of Stars hollow from Gilmore girls. I completely agree and the reason why, I think, is not just the way it looks that is a little similar but more because of the way it feels. It has a sense of community and tradition and it is just a perfect little destination to spend a nice day out.

I wish I could have stayed the entire day but I had to go to the races right after. I was still there in spirit, as I was looking at all the photos on Instagram that the other bloggers were posting and living vicariously through them. Thank you to Pybus PR, everyone from Maling Road and ofcourse my fellow bloggers who made it such an enjoyable morning even though I was only there for three hours.

There are a few special events on Maling Road worth checking out:
Thurs Nov 1st for a VIP Shopping Night  
And Friday the 7th of Dec during the day for the Kriskindl Festival - which is one of Melbourne's longest running community festivals

I’ve heard they are a real treat!

Alley Cat cafe and  Perfect Pieces Jewellery are located in Theatre Place on Maling Road, outside Canterbury station.