Wednesday, 27 July 2011

back to reality

Aaaaand I’m back!
I apologize for my disappearance in the last month or so but I have been overseas, in North America to be specific, and i loved every minute of it!

My journey started in Canada and my first stop was Toronto and Waterloo
I met up with a lot of friends that I hadn’t seen for some time and it was great to catch up and spend time with them

Niagra Falls
African Lion Safari

Then I was off to Ottawa for a day; which happened to be Canada day and we got to be in the presence of the royal couple at parliament hill

From there I continued to Montreal where you feel like you just left Canada and went to Europe (maybe France to be exact because of all the French everywhere, even though I’ve never been to France)
The architecture was just breath-takingly beautiful and modest, and the food and people were great.

Old Montreal

Old Port

Then off to the US of A!
Landed in JFK and as soon as I got out I was excited to see the city I’ve always wanted to be a part of
When we got to Manhattan I was just amazed at the beautiful buildings and the vibe of the city. I knew I would love New York because I’ve always had a fascination with that city but I couldn’t imagine I would love it this much!

Central Park

Rockefeller Center Observatory

Empire State Building Observatory

And last but not least, LA in Californ-i-a

Venice Beach