Friday, 9 November 2012

Happy Movember

 Hi everyone! I can't believe movember is here already, this year has passed by so quickly I feel. I'd like to also say I'm sorry I have been M.I.A again for the past week or so and that's because of my assignments that have resulted in me getting 5 hours of sleep at most in the past 2 weeks. Blame uni for my lack of posts! I do finish this week though so the finish line is nearing and I'll have about 3 and half months off. yay summer!

I wanted also wanted to share two pieces of news with you. Firstly, I'm back on the style panel for the second time at What Should I which is a lovely community that I have been a part of since January. Check it out, sign up and I'll see you all there!

Secondly, if you didn't watch the V & S show this Tuesday the hosts Victoria and Sasha looked fab in Seven Autumn Leaves pieces which I shared photos in an earlier post. The girls announced a Seven Autumn Leaves giveaway taking place on their fb page so check it out and enter the comp to win a 7AL piece of your own!

Have a lovely weekend all, and hope you enjoy it and you're not stuck writing a 3000 word essay like I am!