Wednesday, 13 April 2011


lomography camera's are prettttty old but theyve made a comeback lately and i'm glad they did!
I bought myself a lomo fisheye last year when i was taking a photography elective at uni. i didnt REALLY need it for the class but i always wanted one and that was a good excuse.

yesterday they held an opening for a lomography exhibition in Hong Kong's times square and ofcourse had a giant camera that had a trampoline in it (because why wouldn't you want to jump in a giant camera?)
you can watch a video of the opening here:

These are some of the photos ive taken with my lomography camera I purchased (shown in the above picture)
they're definitely not the best pictures i was just trying it out and experimenting

I recently also downloaded this app on my ipod that automatically turns your photo into a lomo one, whether you want a fish eye lens or just the colour manipulated
they turned out pretty cool except for the quality of the picture itself due to the poor ipod camera quality
here are some examples of that: