Sunday, 17 February 2013

Singapore video travel diary

So I've got some good news and some bad news. Good news is I just got a job in my field! (and a car in the same week, how grown up am I?) Bad news is, I continue my masters starting first week of March so I won't have time to update the blog 3 times a week like I used to. But this blog means so much to me that I don't want to completely neglect it so I will promise to update it once a week on Wednesday mornings, and occasionally on Sunday mornings.

Now onto the fun stuff! This is definitely my favourite video I've done so far because I truly enjoyed Singapore and I wanted to share it with you in a way that you couldn't see through photos, and partly because I have slowly gotten better at filming and editing these travel video diaries. That said, I welcome any constructive critisicm in order to improve my skills for the next one. I also switched from Youtube to Vimeo since the quality is MUCH better and you can see the video as I intended it to be seen and not a bad quality, grainy one.

Hope you enjoy it!